Hook, Line & ...... Sinker??!

I recently came upon this story by velvetglove- it was by pure co-incidence. I was browsing through rhiannon entries and I stumbled upon this gem of a story by chance and I fell in love with it. In all honesty I felt I was gutted and I have never felt this intensely bout a couple before (well except for brian and justin of course ;) )

If you have some time pls spare some of it in reading this fic.

P.S--- I ABSOLUTELY HATE JAPANESE ANIME. Watching countless of sailormoon and pokemon advert/s made me wanne dig my own eyes out! So I swore to myself to never everrrr (like) anything associated with it. Thus, imigine my surprise and horror when I found out that im obssesed with this yaoi anime/manga. >.<

Oh and its called, raping a slave, but don't let the title turn you off. IT'S SCORCHING HOT :)


Time to dream and droolz over Brian & Justin

i just sat for my (quality mgmt )exam today. 2 more exams to go. unfortunately, i was so not in the mood to study. i wanted to do something before i went mad from looking at all the bloody numbers in the textbook. thus i decided to capture what so attracted me to brian/justin in the first place. i do not care if this has been done a million of times already. looking at pics of brian and justin never gets too old nor too tiring! so enjoyx!


fake fat ted aside, loook at brian elegant bulging muscles. omg...*dies*

fake fat ted aside. just look at brian's elegant bulging muscles! *droolx*

i have honestly in my godforsaken life, have yet to set my eyes on a male more beautiful than him. johnny depp being my fav actor of all time, does not even come close.

infamous scene where we got to see(imagine?) justin giving brian his very FIRST(of many many many) blowjob.

when i first saw this pic, i did a doubletake. i could have sworn that was ashton kutcher.

brian imagining sucking on justin balls looking intoxicated with a freakin lightbulb in his oh sooo luscious mouth. *resist urge to lick and suckle*

HOTT. noug said.

ok this was the first pic that i saw after watching episode 1 that  made me fall head over heels in love with him.


too busy to fcuk? *i think not!*

just look at him! love his small seashell ears. no guy should have ears as miniscule as that! my ears are thrice as big as his! jj ><

brooding bitch justin.

love him in this pose, but the watergun has to go go go go go.

casually tousled hair = wet panties



its not just justin seemingly with the bubble butt! i dont get why fans always comment on how brian has a flat ass. i mean hello ladies, have you realli LOOKED? brian has a pretty fantastic ass if i do say so myself *g*

i so find the black band justin is wearing, wickedly cool. he emits that punk rocker vibe with this look.

bwahaha. brian not having a scathing retort to what ted was saying/teasing on?! *watta a shock*

what a bleedin contrast. ebony and ivory, well sort of.(ha)

so effin beautiful. *PETS softly*

ok thats it! im pls feel free to leave a comment. however, if you think of leaving a bad one. kindly, take it elsewhere:)


shitt* week

gawd, its been a long long weekend. and now its back to projects and studying for the finals which is kinda depressing after having a one week break. celebrated my 21st bdae. love de prezzies as usual, but im pretty upset since i had a big blowout wiv my bf. :(

i thought turning 21 would be a huge deal. i mean it is but i dont feel any different ya know? so in order to commemorate the day, i wen out to have my hair dyed. i come from a very very very very very conservative kinda family. the kind where doesnt abide swearing, drinking, smoking, wearing tight clothes, going out to clubs and yadda yadda. so they literally had a cow wen they saw my new hair.

my sis(the one whose house im living in) ...' who said u could dye yr hair?' 
me...'why not? im 21. i dont need to ask u if im allowed to dye my own *freakin* hair!
my sis...' well if tis is the way u r gonna act ......................' (gives an hour long lect)

i hate my family. well to be more specific, i hate certain members of thy family. namely my sis and her holier than thou husband of hers ... not to mention their 2 evil spawns of satan.

my dad died wen i was pretty young. my mom is living off in her own world. although i love her there are certain barriers of communication between us. i cant wait to get out of this hellhole. i pray to gawd to find a decent job after my final next month.

*will be uploading the next part of the story soon.*

fic: Brian's boy

CHAPTER TITLE: Look who's back in town?!
It takes place somewhere in season two before the whole Ethan fiasco has happened. I have a meta-fascination with jealous brian fics- so this one has something to do with it. i wont reveal more except to say that justin's childhood friend is back in town, taking most of sunshine's time. Brian is not exactly thrilled with that.
Warnings:other characters

Justin unlatched the door as quietly as he could and pushed it opened, wincing as it made a slight screeching noise. God damn it, he hated Brian’s metal door. Why could he have not put a cherry oak wood door like any other normal people would?

Justin stepped in and slid the door close and made his way to the bed. He prayed that Brian was asleep; after all it was nearly four in the morning. Justin sighed in relief when he saw Brian prone on the bed, his eyes closed and his arms splayed out on either sides of him.

Justin removed his scarf and literally jumped out of his skin when Brian said ‘where have you been? It’s fucking four in the morning.’ Justin turned around slowly and met Brian’s hazel eyes.

Brian’s eyes has always captured him, its intensity, the way that his eyes would move sensually across Justin’s body, from head to toe, as if stripping him mentally in his head, made Justin feel vulnerable at times and at other times made him want to just strip, jump on brian, kiss him feverishly and ride the both of them hard, into oblivion.

Justin gulped, and tried to think of a valid answer as Brian reached across the table to grab a cigarette and a lighter. Justin murmured ‘why the hell are you still up? Aren’t you tired? Working your ass off on your latest campaign yesterday night, I thought you would be dead to the world.’

Brian lit the cigarette and inhaled, his raspberry lips making an “O” as he exhaled the smoke out slowly. ‘I couldn’t sleep, too wired on booze and caffeine.’ Justin rolled his eyes and snorted at that. Brian then turned and looked at me. ‘You still haven’t answered my question’.

Justin stepped out of his jeans. ‘I told you yesterday that I would be busy today. Ran into an old friend, we decided to go out, get drunk and reminisce about the hay days of our yesteryear.’ Brian eyes sharpened and “oh? What is that guy’s name? ju….jubian ? ….or was it Nubian?”

Justin smiled wryly at him, removed last of his clothing and retorted, “You never seemed good with names. Why is that I wonder? Perhaps old age is finally starting to kick in already?” If Brian’s glare was hotter than the Sahara sun, Justin would have been burnt to a crisp already. ‘His name is J-U-L-I-A-N?!’ Justin enunciated each word so that it would get into Brian’s thick headed skull. He went into the bathroom to relieve himself. Brushed his teeth and stepped out, slid into the bed with a tired sigh.

He felt his lover rolling over to his side of the bed, felt his soft warm lips trailing down his neck, he moaned, its so nice, the warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach, he let out a contented sigh when brian lifted up his shorts to kiss all the way down to his butt. Justin eyes slid shut, thinking it’s so nice and…and… promptly feel asleep.

‘What the fuck!?’, Brian shouted when he saw Justin snoring gently. Brian looked on in disbelief at his young lover, the light making Justin white blond hair glow, made him look ethereal and angelic at the same time. Brian scowled suddenly- Ethereal? Angelic? What the fuck was wrong with him? He sounded like a bloody woman.

Brian stared at Justin and decided to wake him up. So he snapped Justin’s underwear band hard against his hip making a loud smacking noise. Justin woke up abruptly at the sting and howled a long ‘OUCHHHHHH’!!!! The sudden shock of the jolting pain made him rub his hand furiously against his ass.

Justin turned and faced Brian, eyes wide; staring at him incredulously and almost ‘scream the-rooftop-away-loud-kinda-scream’ yelled “what the fuck Brian? That hurt like a son of a bitch”.

Brian then stared at him calmly and said “you fell asleep while we were having sex.” Justin huffed and turned back, “No, I did not! …and if I did- well that was because I am tired ok! I have been busting my ass in the diner and then at school. I ju…..”

Brian interrupted him and mocked seductively, “You busted your bubble butt for sex too? Poor thing, your ass must pretty sore!... I guess I will just have to find another outlet to vent my desires on. What about your…. mouth?” Brian trailed his finger around justin's mouth.

Justin eyes widened as Brian words sinked into him, so Brian thought he was out all night fucking his friend?! Justin opened his mouth, intending to give Brian a furious retort when Brian leaned in and kissed him hungrily on his mouth.

He ripped Justin shorts away and rubbed his naked body against Justin smaller body, eliciting a groan from both of them. Brian leaned back, his shock of brown gold hair falling into his face, obscuring his eyes and knelt between Justin’s thighs.

He trailed both his hands up Justin thigh slowly, teasing him until he reached Justin’s now red and dripping cock. Justin panted and demanded him to ‘touch me’. Brian smiled furtively and said ‘ok, start begging then.’

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OMG! its Saturday and i am stuck at home when i should be out enjoying myself :( I seriously do not know what i am suppose to write and all- Gawd i sound like an idiot. The sole reason why i joined lj was because i love/adore/ am obsessed about queer as folk. I think sometime next month will mark the anniversary of my discovery of this wonderfully addictive show. I am amidst of writing a bj story. I have been at it for nearly half a year but had no guts to let anyone read or even post it. but im sure i ll get around to it. Given time :)